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Updateable Displays

Sustainability is undoubtedly at the forefront of every brand and retailer’s agenda, with external pressures wanting to future proof for the next generation. As a result, it is always great to see companies working hard on their sustainability efforts, making positive steps to reduce their environmental impact.

We offered project support to BSH Home Appliances, a company who pursue a holistic approach to sustainability and work to their best ability to enable sustainable consumption through circular economy solutions.

As part of this reuse & recycle project, we collected 20 pieces of existing retail furniture and re-purposed them to allow for an extended lifecycle in John Lewis stores. Known as a closed-loop usage model, using creative thinking to eliminate waste, what made this project even more brilliant was that the units had already been re-purposed twice before! How’s that for circularity?

Our involvement in this project consisted of the collection, clean down of existing units, print production, assembly, rewrapping, delivery, and installation to each John Lewis site. We shall also be revisiting the stores once the promotion is over to re-collect, re-clean and return all units back to storage; ready to be used again.

A commendable example of a brand forward thinking and paving the foundation for others to follow.


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