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Oculus European Roll-out

The Meta (formally known as Facebook) EU team approached us in early 2019 to help them manage their European roll-out displays, to promote Oculus headsets.


Our challenge was to seamlessly adapt the designs and materials specified in the US, to suit the varied store restrictions and individual requirements of EU retail partners, including Dixons, JLP, FNAC, MSD and Boulanger.


Our technical team were also on hand to help the US developers implement and test various software updates for the integrated touch screens and provide router & SIM contracts to facilitate data collection and future software upgrades.


Working to a tight deadline, 200 x End Caps and 145 x CDU were installed by the end of Summer 2019 across Germany, France, UK and the Nordics and we continued to support a 3rd party maintenance contract for the duration of the campaign.

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