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Flexible and functional displays

Located in the heart of Surrey, Silvermere Golf Complex boasts Europe’s busiest golfing retail outlet and promises the ultimate shopping experience for golfers. Brand stand out and relevant messaging is key to the customer experience at such sites and with this in mind, our recent refresh of the Mizuno front of store fixture, replacing a static light box with a large TV screen, enabled such messaging to appear.


The content on the screen is managed remotely by dedicated software that ensures the display is always relevant and fresh, giving Mizuno direct online access for quick and easy updates.


This in turn, provides visitors to the store information about latest brand news. Mizuno utilised this feature straight away by updating their brand messaging on the new screen to promote the launch of their new JPX923 range!

We are proud to say that the Content Management System (CMS) software that enabled the above was developed by our highly skilled, in-house tech team and is known by the name of 'outhere'.


This software holds many vital features to providing digital solutions in retail and we are now ready to showcase this fantastic service to you.

Specifically relating to this project, we provided Mizuno with a large screen TV, complete with a custom Android 4G enabled device, outhere ‘Showreel’ software with CMS support and the ability to fully manage content using the outhere Remote Content Management (RCM) portal.

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