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Premium Acrylic Fabrication

Are you interested in exquisitely handcrafted and bespoke point of sale that can maximise your brand to its full potential? If so, read on!

Here at Idea, we are a talented team of skilled individuals, it’s part of our DNA and together we provide a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different areas.


Most projects that leave us are bespoke, made in house and involve a high level of craftsmanship to achieve the quality much sought after by the premium brands we support.


Many of these displays are made using acrylic due to the benefits this material can offer so we’d like to take you on an acrylic fabrication journey, showing you the level of quality and detail involved in the creation process.


Acrylic is strong and durable so has a long in store life, creating good value for money and reducing material usage over time. It certainly does not fall into the single use disposable plastic category.

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The ability to customise and create bespoke orders when using acrylic is one of the main reasons it’s so popular. A bespoke, hand finished acrylic unit will be attractive and eye-catching, allowing in its creation the use of different colours, shapes and sizes to meet product and brand aesthetics. 


Acrylic is lightweight so moving displays to different locations is easy for an in store team to manage. It’s low weight also means that the cost of shipping and CO2 emissions for transit are less.  


Many of the displays we create use our in house CNC and screen printing services; further processes requiring highly skilled and experienced handling.


Benefiting both our clients and the environment we live in; our CNC machines calculate the exact yield required for production, so sheets of material are planned efficiently resulting in minimal waste and optimal material usage.


Our screen printing service is still carried out by hand for premium displays like these, no robots here. The process can really bring a display to life with a fantastic array of colours and finishes available. Whilst a lot of skill is involved it is a cost effective process with very low wastage.

The important part; recyclability. As we continue to push the sustainable agenda, we have made positive steps to finding key material suppliers now offering recycled and recyclable materials which we use as our first choice. As we said above acrylic is strong and durable with a long in store life but at some point, it reaches the end of its life and will need to be recycled. Being a responsible manufacturer ourselves, we already have recycling partnerships in active use, and we would happily support any clients with acrylic recycling or provide the knowledge needed to dispose of acrylic properly. 

Acrylic is classified as Group #7 plastic, so we acknowledge it is not as easy as other materials to recycle, but nonetheless it is possible. If a recycling facility for acrylic is not available at store level for you, then we can help by offering a prepaid collection service, meaning your displays come back to us and we recycle them for you.


We hope you enjoyed journeying into our bespoke made, acrylic display services and if you require any further information to help you understand how this could help your brand then please do get in touch. 


If you want to discuss maximising your brand potential in retail and POS contact

For all general enquires please call our switchboard on 

+44 (0)116 2552299

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